Private Investigative Services in Tallahassee, FL

Your quest is over if you have been looking for a quality, affordable private investigator in Tallahassee, Florida. Our agency has been uncovering sensitive information for our clients for years, and we feel a very close connection to people throughout Leon County. Of course, the city is well known as the home of Florida State University, which is among the best places to attend college in the southern United States. The education that students receive is stellar, and of course, they also get to root for one of the most legendary college football programs that we have.

Tallahassee is clearly a great place to live, but it can be hard to enjoy everything that the city has to offer if you have nagging doubts about something. This is where our private detective agency can enter the picture to provide you with peace of mind. If you are in Iamonia, Bradfordville, Capitola, El Destinado, Blocker, or any other section of the city, any time you need a private investigator in Tallahassee, Florida we will be standing by to assist you.


Infidelity Investigations

Marriage is an institution that is based on trust. A betrayal can be one of the worst feelings in the world, but you should certainly find out the truth if you have concerns about the actions of your spouse. We have extensive experience with infidelity investigations, and we assure you that we can get to the bottom of the situation so that you can proceed accordingly going forward. Our Tallahassee, Florida infidelity investigations fall under the category of family law. There are some other types of family law investigations that we can conduct as well, like child custody investigations and asset investigations that can be useful during child support and/or alimony determinations.


Tallahassee, FL Corporate Investigations

Our private detective agency is capable of performing corporate investigations of all kinds. If you have suspicions about employee embezzlement, fraud, or theft, we can find out the truth. Corporate espionage is also a problem these days, and we have a great deal of expertise in the area of counterespionage.


Background Investigations

When you are a business owner or a hiring manager, you have to develop a relationship with a private detective that can provide background investigations. This is another area of expertise for our agency, and we would be more than glad to spring into action any time you need background investigations conducted on would-be new hires.


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