Family Law & Child Custody Investigations in all of Florida including the areas of Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Gainesville, Orange Park, St. Augustine FL

Buchanan Investigation Group can help you with issues in your life such as child custody and support, a cheating spouse, missing persons, a background check on potential mates or checking the validity of businesses and or licenses of potential business partners or contractors. We employ state of the art technology to conduct nationwide record checks, to perform video surveillance and to locate assets. Let us put our resources and expertise to work for you!

Our private investigations may include:

Child custody and support:

After a thoughtful review and evaluation of your situation, we will determine if our services are in the best interest of the children. While working a case we can document the activities of the other parent during and outside of custody through video surveillance. We can deploy concealed video within your home to document any improprieties of the other parent while in your home. We can also locate deadbeat parents and identify their assets for payment of support in arrears.

Cheating spouse:

Do you suspect your spouse, domestic partner or significant other of cheating? Let us find out for you. Through mobile or stationary video surveillance we can document their activities and confirm your suspicions. Concealed video equipment can also be set up in your home if you suspect activity there.

Background check:

Are you planning to commit to a personal or business relationship? A thorough check into the background of a potential mate or business partner can uncover or identify information on past or current criminal activity, drug issues, financial problems or questionable business practices. Before you invest your heart, soul, and livelihood into this new relationship or venture, do the research and be prepared.

Missing persons:

The disappearance of a child, loved one or friend is something no one wants to experience. We can focus all of our resources and enlist the aid of associates in other states to locate and bring home the one you love.

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