Business and Corporate Investigations in all of Florida including the areas of Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Gainesville, Orange Park, St. Augustine FL

Buchanan Investigation Group provides an extensive range of professional investigations and services to businesses and corporations throughout the Jacksonville area and the State of Florida. Whether your firm is experiencing internal theft issues, corporate espionage, workplace violence, or you need professional screening for prospective employees, Buchanan Investigation Groups’ experienced investigators will work with you to protect your business.

Our corporate and business investigations may include:

Internal Theft Investigations:

We provide a variety of confidential services to identify internal theft from factories, warehouses, storage areas, construction sites, offices and other workplace areas, including covert surveillance and hidden cameras.

Corporate Espionage:

Buchanan Investigation Group thoroughly investigates matters involving the sale and transfer of trade secrets and other information for the purpose of financial gain or competitive advantage.

Fraud and Embezzlement:

If your firm is the victim of fraud, suspect embezzlement from one or more of your employees, or may be the target of a similar financial crime, we have a variety of specialized services to identify and control the issue. Contact us for more details.

Pre-Employment Screening:

We have extensive experience in conducting background checks on potential employees to limit your potential liability through negligent hiring. Our background screening may include civil and criminal records, sexual offender registry checks, driving history records, credit reports, reference verification education and previous employment verification, professional license checks and disciplinary action searches.

Workplace Violence & Sexual Harassment:

A growing concern to employers is workplace violence issues and sexual harassment claims. We investigate these matters thoroughly, often using covert video surveillance, witness interviews and statements, and a wide range of other professional techniques.

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