Attorney and Legal Support Investigations provided in all of Florida including the areas of Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Gainesville, Orange Park, St. Augustine FL

Investigators with Buchanan Investigation Group are prior police detectives and provide on-going support to our attorney clients from the inception of a case to the verdict. Whether it be a personal injury claim, child custody case or criminal defense, you can rest assured that we are doing everything necessary to obtain vital information and evidence for a favorable outcome.

Our civil and criminal investigations may include:

Scene Investigation:

A powerful tool to bring the reality of a scene to the courtroom through digital video, photographs or diagrams. These can be presented in a number of ways to include professional full-size exhibits or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Witness Identification and Interviews:

Our investigators have specialized training and years of experience in eliciting information from and gaining the cooperation of witnesses. We know what questions to ask and how to ask them. The interviews are tape recorded or they can be videotaped.

Evidence and Document Retrieval:

If it is there to be found we will get it for you. All evidence and documents obtained are properly collected and logged. A strict chain of custody is maintained to protect the integrity of the evidence.

Report and Document Review:

With decades of experience in writing police reports, our investigators are adept at knowing what should be in a report. We can identify possible weaknesses and break down the report in simple and easy to understand terms.

Insurance Related Investigations and Services:

Buchanan Investigation Group works closely with our insurance clients to investigate potentially fraudulent claims in a cost effective and timely manner to adjudicate the case. Through claimant and witness interviews, covert mobile or stationary video surveillance, body worn concealed video surveillance and scene investigations we can meet most any need of our clients.

Our insurance related investigations may include:


Through the use of state of the art color digital video and high resolution digital still cameras we can generate a quality product in any form of media required by the client.

Disability Claims:

Our trained professionals are adept at employing many techniques to develop information on a claimant’s current condition and present activities.

Workers Compensation:

Production of evidence to expose a claimant’s unadmitted activities not consistent with their claimed condition. Color digital video and still pictures are provided in any form of media as required by the client.

Scene Investigation:

To provide information, diagrams, and photographs of an accident scene so our client can have a visual representation of the location.

Interviews and Statements:

Interviews with claimants and or witnesses conducted with audio and or video recordings for legal proceedings or medical examinations.

Evidence Gathering:

Original evidence such as videotapes, audio recordings or photographs is maintained with a strict chain of custody and secured to prevent theft, damage or tampering.

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