Port St. Lucie

The Private Detective Agency Port St. Lucie, FL Can Trust

For private investigative services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, you will always be able to rely on Buchanan Investigations. We have cemented our reputation as a premier private detective agency through hard work, dedication, and commitment to technological sophistication, and our investigations always yield results. This community offers residents a very high quality of life, with many golf courses, fine restaurants, and cultural enrichment opportunities. Plus, the vibrant economy makes it a great place to work or run a business. We value the clients that we have served in this area over the years, and we will continue to build relationships as time goes on. If you are in Carlton, White City, Eden, or any other section of Port St. Lucie, Florida a private detective that you can trust will always be just a phone call away.


Infidelity Investigations

If you suspect that your spouse may be straying, you should take the necessary steps to find out the truth so that you can take the appropriate actions one way or another. We can be called upon to conduct infidelity investigations in Port St. Lucie, FL, and we use high tech tools and advanced methodologies to monitor activities. Our detective agency can conduct other types of family law investigations as well, including asset investigations and child custody investigations.


Port St. Lucie, Florida Background Checks

Hiring managers and business owners place a lot of trust in the employees that they hire. If you are in this position, you are going to need to identify a resource that can provide background checks for you. This is an area of expertise for our private detective agency, and our background checks leave no stone unturned. We can find out if there are any felony or misdemeanor convictions, and our background checks can include financial vetting.


Corporate Investigations

Individuals can certainly rely on Buchanan Investigations when they require the services of a private investigator. At the same time, our expertise extends into the area of corporate investigations. We have the ability to implement counterespionage strategies, and we can also uncover of instances of employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement.


Find Out the Truth!

We are in a results-oriented business, and we have been able to exceed the expectations of our clients over the years because we do in fact deliver the goods. If you would like to discuss any situation with a highly effective Port St. Lucie, FL P.I., call Buchanan Investigations right now at  904-570-5298.