Palm Bay

Palm Bay, FL Private Investigator Providing Comprehensive Investigative Services

Our private detective agency will be ready to spring into action whenever you need investigative services in Palm Bay, Florida. This Brevard County city provides residents with an extraordinary quality of life. The swimming season extends from March to November, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like golf and fishing all year around. In spite of the appealing nature of the area, the population is relatively modest, so you can enjoy all of the Sunshine State splendor without fighting any large crowds. We proudly serve the entirety of the town, from City Center to the Malabar Road NW/Jupiter Boulevard SW section and everywhere in between, and our doors will always be open any time you need the services of a detective agency in Palm Bay, Florida.


Background Checks

If you are a business owner or hiring manager, you should certainly make sure that your new hires are thoroughly vetted. Background checks are a must, and this is an area of specialization for our detective agency. We can certainly search for any criminal history that may exist, but our Palm Bay, Florida background checks can dig much deeper. Financial decision making can tell you a lot about a person, and we have the ability to look for any liens, garnishments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, or other red flags that you may want to know about.


Infidelity Investigations for Palm Bay, Florida Residents

We have a great deal of experience with infidelity investigations, and you should certainly take action if you have suspicions. Our private detectives use state-of-the-art surveillance techniques to uncover the truth one way or the other. Plus, if the outcome of the infidelity investigation leads to a divorce, we can be of assistance during this stage as well. Child custody investigations can be useful when certain circumstances exist. We also conduct asset investigations that can be necessary if you think that your estranged spouse is not being forthcoming about his or her financial resources.


Palm Bay, Florida Corporate Investigations

Individuals can always rely on Buchanan Investigations for personal investigative services, but we are also the go-to resource for corporate investigations in Brevard County. We can root out internal theft, fraud, and embezzlement, and we also specialize in corporate espionage and counter espionage.


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