Check Before You Hire


Check Before You Hire

Check Before You Hire

How often do we hear in the news about someone who has had to resign from a job – often a high-powered one – because he fabricated parts of his resume or didn’t exactly tell the whole truth about his education or work history?


Hiring and training new employees is expensive. You can’t afford to take chances.  Fortunately, you have arrived at the right website if you are looking for a resource for FL private investigators to handle background checks for your company.


Our company, Buchanan Investigation Group, has been providing pertinent information to our clients for years, and the level of expertise that we have accumulated is difficult to duplicate. If you have been able to build your business successfully, or if you are a decision-maker for a company, the people that you hire are your lifeblood. You cannot afford to take any chances with the individuals that will be members of your team, and this is why background checks are so very important.


It is easy to create an attention-getting resume that may be a work of fiction. When it comes to references, how do you know for sure that the names and numbers that you have been given are genuine? It would be possible for an unscrupulous applicant to create an illusory network to support anything that he or she stated on the resume. In the end, your company may be left holding the bag. This type of thing has happened many times in the past, but the background checks that we conduct for our clients can provide you with all the information that you need to make sound decisions.


We have modern, cutting-edge tools that allow us to conduct state-of-the-art background checks that dig very deeply. Of course, potential criminal history will be part of the equation, but we can go much further. Our background checks can include the corroboration of work history, and we can look for any financial red flags. If an individual has gone through bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, etc., you may have concerns about this applicant’s capacity for sound decision-making. Along these lines, we also conduct credit checks for our clients.


As they say, love is grand, but sadly, there are con men and women out there looking to take advantage of others. In addition to pre-employment background checks, we can also be engaged to provide information about your significant other or prospective spouse before you make any final commitments.


If you need a private investigator in St. Augustine FL, a private investigator in Palm Bay FL, a private investigator in Gainesville FL, a  private investigator in St. Augustine, a private investigator in Tallahassee, a Boca Raton private investigator, a private investigator in Ft. Lauderdale, or any other Florida private investigators, then  Buchanan Investigation Group is the logical choice.


We know that discretion and confidentiality are very important to our clients, because our work takes us into very sensitive areas. As highly experienced, seasoned private investigation experts, we understand the importance of prudence, and we protect the interests of our clients on every level.


If you would like to set the wheels in motion, we can be reached by phone at (904) 570-5298.

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