Personal Investigations


No one plans to need a private investigator. However, events such as Divorce, Custody Battles, Missing Loved Ones, Theft, etc. are facts of life. When they do occur, BI group can be trusted to provide discreet and professional investigative services to help resolve your situation.

Our personal investigations may include:

Child Welfare & Custody Investigations

During divorce and even after divorce one of the biggest issues between ex’s are the welfare of the children. Our investigators leave no stone unturned in making sure that all activities that impact the children are reported per the facts. This evidence is key to creating or modifying child custody and child support orders within the family law court system.

Missing Persons Investigations

Lost relatives, past high school friends or lovers, or business associates can be difficult to find. Our investigators have the tools and skills to quickly find who you are looking for. For more difficult missing person’s cases, such as runaway minors and abductions, our experienced investigators, many of which were former police detectives, can track down and bring them home. The police have rules about when they can pursue a case that our agency doesn’t have to follow. We can get on the case before it becomes cold.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

There is nothing more painful than having your spouse or loved one cheat on you. Our investigations use a combination of background and surveillance techniques to produce the results that give you peace of mind. We see this every day and knowing for sure whether your partner is cheating, or not, can bring closure. In divorce cases, it also can provide key evidence that can impact a final divorce settlement.

Theft Investigations

Home and Car burglary are the most common types of personal theft. Treasured belongings getting stolen can be heartbreaking. Police usually don’t have the time to track down stolen belongings after the case has been reported. Our investigators will not only investigate the case to prosecute the criminal, but will also work to recover the stolen items.

Identity Theft

Every two seconds an American identity is stolen. Over 13 million people are effected by identify theft every year. Florida ranks as the state with the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft. Identity theft is one of the hardest cases to prove. However, if the case is possible to prove, our investigations will deliver the evidence.

Catfish Investigations

With the age of the internet a new kind of fraud has developed called Catfish. These schemes to defraud range from pretending to be the IRS to a utility vendor to a person who pretends to love you. When caught in these schemes it can be very embarrassing to the victim. However, rest assured that BI group has seen it all. We are empathetic to how easily it is to be a victim of these schemes and have the experience to catch the offender and bring them to justice.

Bug Sweep & Detection

Almost anyone can buy surveillance devices (bugs) off the internet these days and use them to invade your privacy. If you feel that this has happened to you, make sure you call a trained private investigator, that has the right equipment, to identify and remove these devices.

Social Media Searches

In many investigations, conducting a social media search can be critical to solving a case. BI group’s investigators are expert at uncovering not only current social media information but that information that may be deleted or thought to be gone. If it existed at any time, we can fine it.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking can be an important tool when conducting surveillance or tracking the activity of a vehicle. As long as the vehicle is titled in your name, Florida statutes allow us to install our state of the art devices to provide detailed activity reports or locate someone precisely before surveillance begins.

Mobile Phone Recovery

Many subjects of investigations try to cover their tracks by deleting emails and texts from their mobile devices. Here at BI group we have the tools and techniques to do deep forensics on any device in order to recover all data from it.

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