Our doors are wide open any time you are looking for an experienced, effective P.I. in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, San Augustine, or Gainesville, Florida. We offer a wide range of private investigative services, and we cater to all different types of clients. Buchanan Investigation Group has always been poised on the cutting edge of technology, and we are a results-oriented agency. When you come to us looking for information about someone, we can and will deliver the goods in a timely and efficient manner.

Our private investigations may include:

Comprehensive Background Checks

Background checks are important for people who hire others, and we have you covered if you need a P.I. that you can call upon to conduct background checks whenever you need them. We look for criminal records, and we run credit reports and check for financial difficulties like foreclosures, liens, garnishments, and bankruptcies. Our background checks also bring back verifiable work histories, so you can be absolutely certain that your applicant is being truthful with you when you get your background checks from Buchanan Investigation Group. Plus, we can run a background check for you if you want to be certain about the back story of a significant other or prospective spouse.

Family Law and Missing Persons P.I.

We have in-house investigative capabilities when it comes to background checks, but the work that we do in the field is our stock in trade. If you require the services of a highly experienced family law P.I. to provide information that would be useful during a child custody and support proceeding, we will always be standing by to help. Plus, our area of expertise extends into the realm of infidelity investigations. You deserve to know the truth when it comes to the trustworthiness of your spouse, and we can get to the bottom of things if you need our assistance in this area. Our agency is also the leading resource for people who need a Gainesville, Saint Augustine, Boca Raton, or Fort Lauderdale P.I. to work on missing person cases. If you want to get in touch with someone for any reason, we can facilitate the reconnection.

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