Private Investigative Services for Clearwater, FL Residents

You have found what you are looking for if you have been searching for a Clearwater, Florida private investigator. Our detective agency has been satisfying clients in this area for years, and we look forward to making many new connections in the future. This historic Pinellas County city has a unique character all its own, but it sits within a large metropolitan area, so the possibilities are endless. Though it is a great place to live, it can be difficult to enjoy everything that Clearwater has to offer if you have suspicions. This where our detective agency can enter the picture to get to the bottom things. If you are located at the beach, the Trailwood Court/Countryside Boulevard area, Feather Sound, or any other part of the city, whenever you need investigative services in Clearwater, Florida, our agency will be ready to spring into action.


Background Checks

If you are in a position that requires hiring employees, you have a huge responsibility on your hands. It is important to make sure that everyone that you bring on to your team is fully trustworthy, and unfortunately, people sometimes lie about their credentials. Background checks should certainly be part of your hiring process, and we offer this service. Our Clearwater, Florida background checks can go beyond the matter of criminal history. We can also run credit reports and we can identify financial red flags like liens, garnishments, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.


Clearwater, Florida Infidelity Investigations

You probably have a hard time sleeping at night if you think that your spouse may be cheating on you. Under these circumstances, you really need to know the truth so that you can take the appropriate actions and get on with your life. We specialize in infidelity investigations, and we provide other family law investigative services, including child custody investigations and asset investigations.


Corporate Investigations for Clearwater, FL Businesses

In addition to our infidelity investigations and background checks, we are also a leading resource for corporate investigations. Our private detective agency can conduct counterespionage investigations, and we also have the ability to uncover crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and internal theft.


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